Today I received my first set of aligners. They felt so tight when they went in – not painful but just really, really snug. Having them in isn’t really a big deal, the hard bit is taking them out – they go in a certain way and have to come out exactly in reverse or they don’t come out. And for me the top and bottom go in and out differently. Good job I’ve got a bit of fingernail to get under the aligners or it would be very hard (and maybe even harder it I had really long nails) I’m not really surprised people feel a bit like their teeth are going to come out when your pulling out the aligner – good job I know my teeth are 100% in the first place!!! So what’s been the hardest thing on the first day – the little buttons of resin on my teeth that are there to give the aligners something more to attach to are a bit annoying and sharp, and it makes eating a bit hard. The aligners come out every time I eat and drink so when I’m eating they’re not a problem, but the buttons need to be in a certain spot on my teeth which stops all my teeth meeting when my teeth close – so its quite hard to chew – I feel like I’m thinking about every bite. Its also really hard to take out the aligners, so I cant be bothered snacking as that would involve too much hassle – maybe there’s an added bonus of weight loss with Invisalign!!!!