Invisalign Ambassador

Jason Dundas has limelighted as an International TV host, and is on the business pulse of fashion, fitness and curated content. A short time after launching his career in front of the camera, Jason became one of the hosts of Australia’s most successful travel and lifestyle show, Getaway, where he served as a co-producer on several stories and travelled to over 100 countries across six continents. He has since gone on to work with some of the biggest brands and host some of the most popular television shows across the globe including The X Factor Australia.

As an international TV host, Jason’s smile is part of his currency, yet he had always been slightly self conscious about his teeth. This is why after discovering that a famous Australian movie star had gone into Invisalign treatment, he tracked down his dentist and went into treatment himself 5 years ago. Jason believes his Invisalign treatment had such a profound impact on his life as it gave him the confidence to achieve both personal and career goals he had set for himself, and it was through his Invisalign treatment he discovered that his smile can take him so much further.

Jason Dundas