Holidays are over and I’m back at work since about day five of my aligners going in, and it has been funny how no one can tell that I’m wearing them (especially as all day my focus is on other peoples smiles and teeth) I have been talking to several patients talking about invisalign and they didn’t even realize that I had my aligners in. What’s more my Mum came over and it was not until I put my aligners back in after dinner at the table (it’s a dental friendly household – no etiquette requiring me to do this in private!) that Mum asked what I was doing – we had chatted for half an hour making dinner and she didn’t even know – so if your own mum cant work it out, then who could! It’s still bit hard to chew some things – my back teeth don’t quite meet coz of the buttons and chewing some things is a bit too hard – like rice in paella from Nando’s (but I didn’t really like that rice anyway!) and the lady bug in the salad was interesting.