When the phrase dental implant is used some people can be confused about what it means. After all, if you’re not a dentist, these terms can seem quite alien, so what exactly is a dental implant, and when would one be used?

Your dentist may use a dental implant in Perth to replace a tooth that has been extracted due to tooth decay or an accident. This would be an example of reconstructive cosmetic dentistry. The dental implant would look and feel exactly like a real tooth, and would usually last a long time.

Dental implants are generally made of titanium, which makes them incredibly strong, and they are attached to the jawbone directly. Because they are so strong, the patient will be able to chew normally after the dental implant is fitted, with no worries about the implant coming loose.

Once the implants are in place, they can be used to support a number of dental prostheses, including crowns, dental bridges or even dentures. The strength and versatility of dental implants means that when fitted, the dental surgeon can use them in a variety of ways to repair damage or add teeth for cosmetic purposes. Dental implants tend to take a while to fit, as the bone needs time to heal around the new implant, but the time is worth it, and this makes dental implants in Perth a valuable asset to any Australian dentist.