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What could be worse than having misaligned teeth? Do you want to have straight teeth but hate the idea of having the traditional “train track” orthodontics? Then Invisalign may be what you are looking for.

Invisalign are almost invisible aligners that can straighten teeth without anybody knowing. Invisalign is an innovation in orthodontics and is a terrific alternative to metal braces. One thing that is good about this procedure is that it doesn’t use metal wires or bands. Instead, the patient is fitted with a series of clear custom aligners that do all the work. You can see now where its name came from – it’s invisible and it is an aligner, hence invisalign.

This device is especially popular with adults and older teens turned off straightening their teeth because of the unappealing “metallic” look? With Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Patients with invisalign love being able to take out this device to eat whatever they choose and to brush their teeth. However, for them to be effective, you do need to wear them about 22 hours a day, every day.

Invisalign Platinum Provider 2013

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an innovative way of straightening your teeth which is often a great way to help maintain a healthy and vibrant smile.

Invisalign For Teens

Invisalign make an aligner specifically designed for teenagers, aptly named ” Invisalign Teen”. It has a number of features especially useful for treatment of this age group. Arrange a consultation today to see if you or your teenager may be suitable.

Invisalign For Adults

Do you have some specific concerns or do you know that you would like to improve your smile but are just no sure where to start? Arrange a consultation at Signature Dental and we will help you develop a plan that suits you best.

Will It work for me?

The Invisalign system is similar to braces, but they are removable and best of all, invisible, which is something that is important to many adults.

Invisalign Ambassador

Jason Dundas became Invisalign ambassador recently. Find out more about his experiences.

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